4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue the MAEd Degree

4 Reasons Why You Should Pursue the MAEd Degree

In today’s evolving teaching and education environment, many choose to pursue a Master of Arts in Education degree to upgrade their qualifications to meet the changing demands of the industry. Obtaining a master’s degree will also allow graduates to gain higher-paying positions and expand their career opportunities.


Here are four reasons why you should pursue the Master of Arts in Education degree.  

1. Increased Knowledge of Your Specialisation

The Master of Arts in Education modules provide educators with a greater understanding of the key components in education, including educational leadership and management, as well as special and inclusive teaching. As a result, they can engage their students better, regain control over the classroom, and provide a conducive learning environment.

2. Better Career Opportunities

Compared to their counterparts, educators with master’s degrees are more likely to be noticed by employers, enhancing their resumes and increasing their employability. According to the Strada Education Network Survey 2020, 51% of individuals with graduate or professional degrees are more likely to start a new job. A master’s degree allows teachers to expand their careers locally and globally, such as gaining promotion and career advancement.

3. Improved Reputation and Credibility

A master’s degree increases educators’ credibility as employers believe they have abundant experience and are equipped with the necessary skills to produce positive student results. As a result, employers will place a greater value on their abilities.

4. Extension of Leadership Capabilities

Educators will learn how to handle classroom situations and develop leadership skills through the modules taught in the Master of Arts in Education degree. By developing leadership skills, you can increase your chances of leading a team and showcasing your abilities to employers.


The University of Nottingham Master of Arts in Education graduate, Doshila Neergheen, shares her experience enrolling in the programme and how the degree assisted her in obtaining a teaching position at an international school.

Find out more about Doshila Neergheen’s experience here.


The Master of Arts in Education is open for application!

Suppose you are looking for career growth and opportunities. In that case, our Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) programme delivered and awarded by the University of Nottingham at Ngee Ann Academy can open new doors for you. Through the MAEd classes, educators will foster the necessary skillsets and gain a competitive edge in the education industry.

The Master of Arts in Education degree has been designed with maximum flexibility to reflect the needs of individuals and their organisations. Students can vary the number of modules they undertake in each term. This allows students to adjust the intensity or progress of their studies.

For more information, please visit the MAEd programme page.


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