7 Advantages of Studying in a Higher Private Education Institution (PEI)

7 Advantages of Studying in a Higher Private Education Institution (PEI)

Education helps shape our perspectives, develop our intellect, and improve our quality of life, especially in this rapidly changing world. Obtaining a qualification at the undergraduate, postgraduate, or professional level – whether in a public or private education institution – would give us access to better career prospects and higher salaries. So the question is: Should you choose a Public or Private Institution to pursue your further studies?  

PEI Advantages 


Here are 7 benefits of studying in a Higher Private Education Institution (PEI):

1) Gain access to top-ranked universities (worldwide)  

To many students who are hopeful of getting a degree from an overseas university in Australia, the UK, or the US but may not have the time and financial resources or ability to leave their families and careers behind, you can still gain an internationally recognised degree through a PEI. Some PEIs partner with reputable foreign universities such as Group of Eight (Australia) or Russell Group (UK) universities to deliver External Degree Programmes (EDPs) in Singapore. The higher academic standards in these top universities mean that you are receiving a higher quality of education compared to others. It also means that this is an opportunity for you to obtain a degree from a top world-ranked foreign university without having to live and study abroad.

You can find out the ranking of the universities through these official sources – QS World University Ranking, Academic Ranking of World Universities, and ShanghaiRanking


PEI Advantages


2) Access to a wider variety of international degree courses 

Some EDPs offered through the PEIs in Singapore are niche programmes and courses that might not be available in our local institutions, thereby extending the opportunities to students to gain access to internationalised curriculum and globally recognised qualifications, which helps fulfil your educational aspirations that would otherwise not be possible. 

However, recognition of the degree-awarding institution is important. You need to ascertain where the university or institution is located, and what are the appropriate recognitions in the university’s home country. Check that the PEI and its partner universities are both duly recognised by the appropriate authorities in their respective country.


3) Expand your network globally and gain global insights

If you are looking to expand your network, you will be able to develop and build connections with like-minded people who are enrolled in the same degree programme in the PEI. Most students in a PEI come from very diverse backgrounds – they are of different cultures, age groups, and nationalities. As your network expands, you will find more business or career opportunities, be it locally or internationally. 

The exposure to different cultural perspectives and ways of doing things will help you develop better communication and people management skills in your interactions with others in professional settings. This is especially important if you are working or building your career in a global organisation. 


4) Shorter course duration – yet equally equips you for the changing workplace

Most EDPs offered through a PEI are delivered in an accelerated mode, which means you may be able to complete a 3-year Bachelor’s degree in 2 years (with advanced standing or recognition of prior learning), and a Master’s degree in 1 to 2 years. PEI focuses on preparing students and equipping them with the practical knowledge and skills they need for the workplace. If a student can manage a heavier study load, he or she could accelerate his or her studies by taking more modules in each term or semester. This helps students to join the workforce earlier than their peers, giving them a head-start in their career. It is also beneficial to working adults who are looking for career advancements or career transitions and would like to gain the additional qualifications as quickly as possible.


5) Helps to boost your resume 

Many students who are pursuing a degree through a PEI do so while managing a full-time job and part-time study. Given the highly demanding contemporary work culture, the ability to effectively navigate one’s work-life-study balance is important. Undertaking a part-time degree programme while holding a full-time job requires a lot of resilience. This will look great to your prospective employer as it shows that you are able to cope with hardship and challenges. In addition, you can take the knowledge gain from your studies and put them to practical use immediately. Both the hard and soft skills that you gain through your studies will differentiate you from your colleagues or other job searchers, helping you stand out in the competitive job market.


PEI Advantages


6) Flexible Study Options 

Most EDPs delivered through the PEIs offer a flexible, modular structure where students can plan their studies around their work schedule. You could plan how many modules you want to enrol in for a term or semester, depending on your other commitments. If your course fees are payable on a modular basis or by instalments, this means you could also plan your studies around your budget. In short, there is no absolute pressure to complete your degree within a ‘standard’ duration.  


7) Work towards your passion

While navigating through your education and career, you may have already discovered your passion and your ideal career. Choosing to study in a PEI allows you to further your studies and continue to pursue the career that you are truly passionate about. 

The international focus, range of pedagogies, and a lesser focus on written examinations allow you to deep dive into your areas of interest, empowering you with the practical skills and knowledge needed in your career. At the same time, you could also hone other aspects of your soft skills by constantly working in groups to develop leadership, communications, project management, and negotiation skills, which are all so important in both your personal and professional lives. 


About Ngee Ann Academy

Ngee Ann Academy (NAA) is a private education institution (PEI) that partners with top-ranking universities across the world to provide tertiary education in the heart of Singapore at Orchard Road. Established in 1998, it is owned by Ngee Ann Education Holdings which is, in turn, a subsidiary of The Ngee Ann Kongsi. 

Ngee Ann Academy’s university partners are King’s College London (UK), University of Nottingham (UK), and The University of Adelaide (Australia). Ngee Ann Academy offers professional, undergraduate, and postgraduate degree programmes in business administration, education, and nursing. 

Find out more about the programmes we offer here.




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