Academic Writing Support

Academic Writing Support

Why do we write?

Academic writing, whether used in the arts and social sciences or in healthcare, science and technology, is all about communication. A major aspect of studying a university degree is setting yourself apart from others in your chosen field of study. Indeed, studying at university serves to not only teach students about the facts of their field of study, but also develops students into functioning members of a professional global community. At the heart of this community is the need to communicate clearly and effectively.

While the fact that you will face assignments with specific due dates may make it seem like each of these is an event in and of itself, this could not be further from the truth. In fact, successful writing usually requires ongoing involvement in the development of your written work not simply thrashing out a 2,000 word essay 2 hours before it is due. This means that successful writing is all about planning. Only this way is one able to generate structured, logical and well-referenced work that is able to demonstrate an effective fulfilment of the learning outcomes.

What is this resource for?

Some people find writing very easy. Sadly, however, many of us find writing a challenging (if not daunting!) task. Additionally, not everybody has the same difficulties when it comes to writing. When browsing through this resource feel free to focus on the areas that you, or your teacher, feel that you are weakest. Some of the aspects of writing that are addressed here include:

• Understanding expectations and interpreting topics
• Developing and effective writing strategy
• Structuring your written work correctly
• Researching and formulating your “story” and providing evidence
• Writing in an appropriate style
• Reviewing and submitting your work

How can I get more help?

Should you still find yourself struggling with academic writing, or other aspects of your study, it is highly recommended that you approach your lecturer, subject coordinator or the Academic Dean at Ngee Ann Academy to make an appointment. Don’t be shy!

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