Healthcare is always evolving. I feel that furthering my education is essential. By pursuing a bachelor’s degree, I’ll gain  in-depth knowledge on nursing so that patients can have quality nursing care.

I select the nursing school based on the offered  module/curriculum.

Besides,  I also read the testimonies of the graduated students from  the nursing school. At the same time, I attended the Information sessions conducted to retrieve more details about the programme.

Elective modules offered by King’s College London like eldercare, and palliative care are areas that I am interested in.

In the Polyclinic, there are nursing students or new staff that come to our clinic for attachment. This module taught me what is the most effective way to support nursing students, new graduates, or new staff to practice nursing skills in clinical environment to develop their professional roles within their scopes of practice. Hence, I can apply what I have learned, to better guide and support them in their learning journey.

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