Balancing Life & Learning: The Benefits of Attending Nursing Courses in Singapore

Balancing Life & Learning: The Benefits of Attending Nursing Courses in Singapore

Amidst the challenges within healthcare, nurses are frequently tasked with balancing rigorous work schedules, family obligations, and personal commitments. Yet, the evolution of nursing education, especially with the incorporation of courses conducted with blended study formats carried out on a part-time basis, has provided a practical solution. This adaptation not only accommodates their demanding schedules but also ensures the seamless integration of life and learning, marking a transformative approach to professional development. 

Let’s explore the benefits of attending nursing courses in Singapore and how they contribute to the seamless integration of life and learning.

Spotlight on Excellence – Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Top-up) and *Master of Science in Clinical Nursing Programmes at Ngee Ann Academy

Ngee Ann Academy proudly offers two distinguished nursing programmes – the Master of Science (MSc) in Clinical Nursing and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Top-up). These programmes, delivered by King’s College London, are designed to cater to the evolving needs of Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) registered nurses who aspire to excel in their careers. King’s College London is ranked #2 in the World and #1 in the UK for Nursing according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023. 

These comprehensive 24-month, part-time programmes enable nurses to advance their skills while managing their professional responsibilities. The curriculum focuses on cultivating exceptional skills for managing and leading in contemporary healthcare practice, research, and education on a global scale in local context. The programmes seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical learning, ensuring a well-rounded and flexible educational experience for nurses seeking career elevation.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the benefits of blended study nursing courses is the flexibility they offer in scheduling. Recognising the diverse responsibilities that nurses shoulder, these programmes allow individuals to customise their learning experience. Whether it’s adjusting the number of courses taken per semester or choosing evening and weekend classes, the flexibility accommodates the dynamic lifestyles of nurses, making it possible to pursue higher education without disrupting other aspects of life.

Reducing Financial Strain

The financial aspect is a significant consideration for many nurses contemplating advanced education. Part-time courses offer a gradual investment in education, allowing individuals to continue working and earning a salary while pursuing their nursing degrees without incurring considerable debt. This financial stability allows them to focus on their studies without worrying about financial constraints.

Maintaining Work-Study Balance – Nurturing Well-Rounded Professionals 

Blended study programmes offer valuable flexibility, enabling students to learn at their own pace while concurrently holding onto their current jobs. This balance allows nurses to seamlessly apply newfound knowledge in real-time, effectively bridging the gap between theory and practice. 

Ms Nurulhuda Abd Majid, a senior staff nurse at KK Women and Children’s Hospital (KKH), shared her positive experience.”Taking a degree while working full-time gives me the opportunity to practise what I’ve learned in school in a clinical setting. In addition, it boosts my confidence to provide high-quality nursing care to my patients to improve their experience in the hospital.” Ms. Nurulhuda successfully completed the two-year study and managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree with first-class honours in nursing from King’s College London.

Mr Jasmeran Allan Chand, Staff Nurse, Changi General Hospital,  emphasised the impact of the programme on his professional growth. “This degree programme equips me with a set of skills for my next role. For example, one of the modules I have gone through emphasises  assessment, learning, and teaching, and this equips me with a better way to teach and evaluate young nurses placed under my supervision. There are also modules on the elderly population and leadership.”

Overcoming Geographic Barriers

The nursing programmes offered by Ngee Ann Academy and King’s College London incorporate a combination of online and face-to-face sessions, overcoming geographic barriers and making education more accessible for nurses. This inclusivity ensures that nurses can access high-quality education and contribute to the global advancement of nursing knowledge and practice.

If you are seeking nursing career advancement, this could be the stepping stone you need. Interested in learning more about the programmes? Feel free to reach out, and we will be delighted to provide you with all the information you need.

*NB: The course is not accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and does not lead to certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN).

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