During the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic, my experience at TTSH ED was one of the most challenging yet exhausting periods of my life. Although it was emotionally and physically demanding, it instilled in me a resolute desire to further my studies and practice throughout my nursing career. Engaging with terminally ill and infirm patients led me to ponder on the realities of life. Nurses play an important role in supporting patients and their families during  difficult times. Throughout this period, I noticed that my diploma knowledge and experience were insufficient to help me to work efficiently in the ED.  This realization drove me to further my knowledge of nursing and skill set at King’s College, a reputable and prestigious university.

Studying for a nursing degree at King’s College University in Singapore allows me to immerse myself in a multicultural environment. Having faculty members from the UK offers me diverse perspectives, practices, and insights into different healthcare systems. This exposure broadens my understanding of nursing and healthcare, allowing me to develop versatile skills that are essential in today’s globalized healthcare landscape.

So far, I have completed four core modules, but balancing work and studying is not easy. Initially, I faced difficulties, especially when working shifts clashed with face-to-face classes or synchronous online sessions. Today, I am able to manage both efficiently with help from NAA student services and my department nursing officers.

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