How a Master’s Degree in Education Helped Me Get an International Teaching Position

How a Master’s Degree in Education Helped Me Get an International Teaching Position

Featuring Doshila Neergheen, English Language Teacher at an International School in Shanghai, Master of Arts in Education Graduate, University of Nottingham, Class of 2021


With more than 12 years of experience in education, Doshila enrolled in the University of Nottingham (UON)’s Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) as she was looking to enhance her career prospects in international schools. Having taught in both public and private schools in Singapore, Doshila is well aware that strengthening her leadership, research, and communication skills are important for advancing her career.

In the article, Doshila shares how MAEd changed her perspectives and helped her secure a teaching position at an international school in Shanghai.

Why did you decide to pursue the MAEd from the University of Nottingham?

As an English Language teacher, I wanted to pursue career growth in an international school. Pursuing the MAEd allows me to strengthen my leadership skills that are important in leading change in education and managing people in school. Moreover, I was attracted to the flexibility of the programme, which allows me to juggle my career, studies, and motherhood at the same time.

How does MAEd make a difference to your career in education?

MAEd has played an important role in helping me score a promotion at work, which propels my career to the next level. Through MAEd, I am equipped with research skills in education. I am now able to use the different research techniques to conduct case studies and better my teaching practice in my classroom.


Could you share your University of Nottingham (UN) experience and what makes it rewarding?

What I enjoyed most in the programme was building a good rapport with my professor, Dr. Alberto Luis August. As my mentor and thesis supervisor, Dr. August was very supportive. He would reply to all my questions and guide me to better navigate my studies. He knew what my weaknesses were, and he did not hesitate to point out my mistakes so that I could learn from them and do better. His mentorship encouraged me to incorporate research into teaching. I love doing research now as I can see the benefits of using data analysis to improve educational performance at work.

 What are the challenges you faced throughout the studies here?

I had to manage my time well in order to juggle work, studies, and family at the same time. I had to read bedtime stories and wait until my children fell asleep before I could study. Luckily, I had my husband’s support to pursue the MAEd. He would take care of our children when I was studying. Moreover, COVID-19 happened, and we had to deal with the unexpected challenges of our lessons being shifted online.

Any tips and advice for the potential NU students and current NU students?

Most importantly, you must be passionate, dedicated, and curious – as these will keep you motivated. Seek advice from your mentors when you are unsure. They have a lot of experience and they are experts in their field, and they would be able to help you grow personally and professionally. MAEd is definitely worth your time and efforts as it opens doors to plenty of opportunities in education.


Master of Arts in Education (offered by the University of Nottingham)

This is a unique modular and flexible programme designed to reflect the needs of individuals or organisational cohorts. While each module has its particular focus, all are concerned with investigating contemporary educational issues in the light of economic and social contexts, appropriate literature and the shared experience of course members.

A hallmark of the programme is the University’s commitment to equality and diversity and the flexibility to meet the needs of individuals and organisations. The overall purpose is to deepen and refine the students’ capacity for critical reflection on their practice as well as on the mental models which inform their work.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Master of Arts in Education, please click here to visit the programme page.

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