How Degrees in Nursing Unlock Doors of Opportunity

How Degrees in Nursing Unlock Doors of Opportunity

Embarking on a journey to advance your nursing education is a profound step towards unlocking a realm of opportunities in the dynamic field of healthcare. Whether you’re aiming to enhance your critical skills or aspiring to take on leadership roles, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Top-Up) and *Master of Science in Clinical Nursing programmes offered by the prestigious King’s College London at Ngee Ann Academy, offer a transformative nursing education journey.

A Progressive Pathway: Unlocking Doors of Opportunity with King’s College London’s partnership with Ngee Ann Academy (NAA)

Our nursing education pathway is strategically designed to meet the evolving needs of aspiring healthcare professionals, offering a sequential journey starting with the Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Top-Up) programme. This part-time programme, spanning 24 months, serves as the foundational step, paving the way for nurses to progress seamlessly into the advanced Master of Science in Clinical Nursing programme. Both programmes are conducted using a flexible and adaptive framework, catering to nurses dedicated to enhancing their skills and excelling in their careers.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Top-Up) and the Master of Science in Clinical Nursing programmes offered by King’s College London stand out as beacons of excellence in nursing education. These prestigious programmes are delivered and the degrees awarded by King’s College London, ranked #2 in the World and #1 in the UK for Nursing according to the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023. 

A Gateway to Expertise 

One of the primary advantages of obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours (Top-Up) and a Master of Science in Clinical Nursing programmes at the Ngee Ann Academy, is the acquisition of specialised nursing knowledge and skills. The programmes delve into advanced topics and provide a deeper understanding of specific areas within the nursing profession. This specialised expertise can position these nurses as valuable assets in healthcare settings, allowing them to take on roles that require a higher level of proficiency and contribute to improved patient care outcomes.

Stepping into Leadership Roles

Positions such as nursing clinicians, educators,  managers or researchers become accessible, offering them the opportunity to influence and shape policy decisions that directly contribute to the enhancement of patient outcomes. The King’s nursing programmes serve as a catalyst, propelling them into leadership positions where their skills and insights can play a transformative role in the healthcare landscape.

Hear directly from students who have experienced the transformative impact of translating their learning into practical, hands-on situations. Gain insights into how these programmes not only equip nurses with theoretical foundations but also empower them to make tangible contributions in real healthcare settings.

“With my knowledge in palliative care, I am now able to explore more career options in Nursing, such as Palliative Nursing. Through my studies, I have also learnt the essentials of a nursing leader and the leadership styles that would work well in different working environments. This empowers me to take on leadership roles at work. Studying at King’s College London also gives me the confidence that I will be able to explore job opportunities globally in the future, as the degree is recognised worldwide.” 

Bindeeya Chandran, Senior Staff Nurse, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

“The Bachelor of Science in Nursing with honours (Top-Up) programme has helped me develop superior critical skills in providing better patient care, health assessment, and decision making. The best part of the programme is that I have been able to apply the learning and knowledge into practice in my work as a staff nurse in the ICU of a general hospital. The flexible structure of the programme, outstanding support from the lecturers, and getting the study schedules early have been beneficial in managing my hectic lifestyle.”

Chong Chi Lock, Staff Nurse, Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Increasing Your Earning Potential

Pursuing a master’s degree in nursing can be an investment that pays off considerably in the long run. This advanced degree often translates into a higher salary, as it demonstrates a nurse’s commitment to their profession, their specialised skills, and their leadership potential. Nurses with advanced education can utilise their skills and knowledge to implement changes that enhance patient care quality.

Discover how these programmes at Ngee Ann Academy can be your gateway to a future filled with professional fulfilment and impactful contributions. Contact our Admissions Team today to learn more about the programme details, admission requirements, and any question you may have. We are here to guide you on your journey towards a rewarding career in nursing.

*NB: The course is not accredited by the Singapore Nursing Board (SNB) and does not lead to certification as an Advanced Practice Nurse (APN)

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