How Shermann Becomes a Better Entrepreneur With an Adelaide MBA

How Shermann Becomes a Better Entrepreneur With an Adelaide MBA

As an educator, I have always believed in lifelong learning. I did my Master of Applied Finance with UOA previously and I took electives from the Adelaide Business School. The learning experience at UOA was rigorous and intensive yet exciting and interesting – many interactive activities and discussions revolved around real-world issues that extended beyond the classrooms. I could learn about and discuss different subject matters with the teaching faculty who bring their overseas experience to the classes in Singapore.

As an entrepreneur, what prepares me to be future-ready are the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that I have developed while studying for the MBA. While we can all learn and pick up knowledge and hard skills in classes, what makes the difference in business is the ability to design and analyse subject matters, have the foresight in decision-making, and the capability to declutter the mind and improve productivity. The biggest takeaway for me is the understanding of how social systems work in the business world. Once I understand how my clients work and what they need, it becomes easier for me to navigate and steer things towards achieving my objectives.

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