How the Adelaide MBA Fulfills My Aspirations as An Investment Banker

How the Adelaide MBA Fulfills My Aspirations as An Investment Banker

Though a relatively fresh graduate with only 2 years of experience in banking, Andri took up the Adelaide MBA to fulfil his aspirations to pursue a career in investment banking.  

As a young banker, Andri realised that his Bachelor’s Degree is insufficient for him to be competitive in the corporate world as many of his colleagues who hold management or senior roles are Master’s Degree graduates. After much research and deliberation, the University of Adelaide (UOA) alumnus decided to pursue the Adelaide MBA programme, which would open his doors to many career opportunities in the finance and banking industry.

We spoke with the “resident millennial” of the Adelaide MBA programme, and he shared with us his Adelaide MBA experience and how he made the most out of the Adelaide MBA programme.


Why did you decide to pursue the MBA with UoA?

It was a combination of a few factors that I decided to pursue an MBA with UOA. 

Firstly, I have always had the ambition to pursue further studies beyond a Bachelor’s degree. On top of that, I wanted to learn how leaders strategise to steer their businesses and how they make sound business decisions. 

Secondly, when I spoke to the people in the finance and banking sector, I found out that many of my peers are armed with postgraduate qualifications. It made me realised that my Bachelor’s degree is not going to be sufficient for me to advance in my career as many of my colleagues who hold management or senior roles are MBA or other postgraduate degree holders.

Lastly, as an alumnus of UOA, I had a meaningful and fruitful learning experience while studying for the Bachelor of Commerce with UOA. Moreover, UOA offers a reputable MBA programme that would broaden my horizons and help me compete in the corporate sector for my career advancement.


Could you share your UoA-NAA experience and what makes it rewarding?

While pursuing the Adelaide MBA programme, I have developed critical thinking skills that change my perspectives of the things happening around me, both at work and in my personal life. I began questioning why work processes, systems, and practices are the way they are, and if there are better ways of doing things, and how can we improve our work efficiency.

The Adelaide MBA also made me realise the importance of teamwork. When working in a team, it is critical to recognise and harness the strength of each individual so that the team is able to accomplish the objectives effectively.


What are the memorable moments throughout your studies?

At the moment, I think I am the programme’s resident millennial. Being only 25 years old when I first enrolled in the MBA, the rest of my classmates seem to think I am “still very young”. 

I learned about interesting things that happened in the past from my older and more experienced classmates. For example, there was a time when the lecturer and the class were discussing cassette tapes, and they reminisced about how they had to wind up and unwind the tape. I was born into the CD age and had no clue what they were talking about. So it was quite an exciting topic for me.  


Any tips and advice for potential MBA students and current MBA students?

Having a positive attitude is key to making the most out of the MBA! It is up to you to bring your energy, drive and even humour to the classes! If you have a positive mindset, I firmly believe that your Adelaide MBA experience would be better, richer, more enjoyable, and more rewarding. 


The Adelaide MBA is Open for Application!

If you are looking for career growth and opportunities, our Adelaide Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme delivered and awarded by The University of Adelaide at Ngee Ann Academy can open new doors for you. Through the MBA classes, individuals will foster the necessary skillsets, gain a competitive edge in the business realm, network with professionals, and prepare yourselves for the changing business environment. 

The Adelaide MBA degree has been designed with maximum flexibility to suit the busy schedules of working professionals. Students can vary the number of modules they undertake in each term. Students can also start with a 4- module Graduate Certificate in Business Administration which can be completed in 6 months part-time before continuing to the MBA. This allows students to adjust the intensity or progress of their studies. All courses are currently delivered synchronously and asynchronously online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Face-to-face delivery will resume when international travelling is permitted and with safe management measures. 


Find out more about the Adelaide MBA here!

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