How the Adelaide MBA Prepares Me for Leadership Roles

How the Adelaide MBA Prepares Me for Leadership Roles

Featuring Md Firdauz, Line Maintenance Executive, ST Engineering Aerospace Services, Current Adelaide MBA Student

In leadership positions, management and critical thinking skills are more highly valued than technical skills. With more than 8 years of experience in the aviation industry, Firdauz is currently managing a team in the engineering department. He enrolled in the Adelaide MBA programme to enhance his management skills, which will help him advance his career as a leader in the aviation and engineering field.

In this article, Firdauz shares how the Adelaide MBA prepares him for his personal and professional development in the post-pandemic world.


Why did you decide to pursue the Adelaide MBA?

I aspire to progress in the aviation and engineering industry career, and I believe that the Adelaide MBA will equip me with the essential business and financial skills to take on bigger roles. Apart from that, I am also looking to strengthen my leadership and people management skills to complement my technical knowledge in engineering through the part-time Adelaide MBA.

How does the Adelaide MBA prepare you for both your personal and career development in the post-pandemic world?

The Adelaide MBA has honed my leadership skills that are important in managing people and creating effective organisational changes. Through the modules, I have also learnt about how finance and organisational strategies impact management decision processes and organisational growth.

In addition, I am encouraged to learn and apply my critical thinking skills in class. The discussions with the professors and peers in my class allowed me to see things from different perspectives and challenged me to think outside the box.

I now understand the rationale of the business decisions made by my management at work. Being able to see from different perspectives helps me make better decisions and solve real-life challenges in my organisation.

What did you like about being on the Adelaide MBA programme?

The Adelaide MBA is a reputable international programme, and we have the opportunities to meet students from diverse backgrounds as well as lecturers from Australia. Apart from the engagement in class, it has been a wonderful experience learning with my classmates as we often share our thoughts and perspectives on different topics such as current events, cultures, delicacy, photography, etc. The lecturers encourage the interchange of differing viewpoints to ensure that we appreciate and understand the concepts.

How did you manage to juggle between personal life, work, and studies?

Time management is key to making it work. I plan my schedules ahead of time and prioritise urgent and important matters. I enjoy what I am doing, whether it’s working or studying. When I feel stressed, I usually take small breaks by doing what I like most, such as listening to music, getting some fresh air, etc.

Most importantly, my family and friends have always been supportive of my decision to pursue the Adelaide MBA.

Any tips and advice for potential MBA students and current MBA students?

Be open and get to know more people from different industries. When you talk to different people with diverse perspectives, it broadens your mind.
Enjoy the process, and you will feel the joy of learning!

The Adelaide MBA is Open for Application!

If you are looking for career growth and opportunities, our Adelaide Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme delivered and awarded by The University of Adelaide at Ngee Ann Academy can open new doors for you. Through the MBA classes, individuals will foster the necessary skillsets, gain a competitive edge in the business realm, network with professionals, and prepare yourselves for the changing business environment.

The Adelaide MBA degree has been designed with maximum flexibility to suit the busy schedules of working professionals. Students can vary the number of modules they undertake in each term. Students can also start with a 4-module Graduate Certificate in Business Administration which can be completed in 6 months part-time before continuing to the MBA. This allows students to adjust the intensity or progress of their studies. All courses are currently delivered synchronously and asynchronously online due to COVID-19 restrictions. Face-to-face delivery will resume when international travelling is permitted and with safe management measures.

Find out more about the Adelaide MBA here.



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