Not the easiest task to do, but it is pretty much like juggling work and personal life. It is about setting priorities . I believe one must be mindful and stay in the present moment.

One afternoon, I was  tasked to administer medication for an elderly woman via  her rectum.

She was petite and gentle.  I explained the procedures to her and proceeded with the  administration of medication and dressing. After the procedure, I apologised for any discomfort she may have experienced in the process. She reached out and pulled me closer to her and uttered “thank you” into my ears. With a simple yet profoundly heartfelt “Thank you”, she conveyed her gratitude. At that moment, tears welled up in my eyes.  I truly felt the purpose behind my decision to become a nurse and the profound impact I could have on others.

This interaction occurred almost a year ago, but it remained etched in my memory as a reminder of meaningful connections nurses can forge with patients.

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