Sharpening Your Skills for Greater Success With Adelaide MBA

Sharpening Your Skills for Greater Success With Adelaide MBA

Featuring Jonathan Wong, Adelaide MBA Student and Training Consultant at Beacon Consulting Pte Ltd

Jonathan Wong MBA

What is this programme about?

The Adelaide MBA equips you with the tools to think broadly. The ability to connect the dots in your life and/or organisation is extremely important. The world that we live in is ever-changing and we need to change the way we think. The Adelaide MBA equips you with the ability to structure nonlinear relationships into your decision-making.

The programme combines both proven methods with new insights that will grow your managerial and leadership skills as well as enhance your decision-making and problem-solving skills to take the best course of action to achieve organisational and personal objectives.

Who should take the programme?

Any managers and senior executives who seek to deepen their understanding of the world in the context of constant change and the nature of organisational change should take this programme. If you are also looking at widening your opportunity to expand your network, this should also be another reason to choose the Adelaide MBA. More importantly, you will also discover a lot more about yourself in the process. This last discovery is worth more than its weight in gold. For busy professionals, the Adelaide MBA is an excellent way to sharpen your skills to keep relevant and position yourself for greater success.

Talk about an interesting module.

The Fundamentals of Leadership module isn’t just a module about leadership theories. An essential skill of leadership in our time is the ability to work with people to tackle challenges and changes which are not only technical but which require people (including ourselves) to change. The lecturer who teaches the module encourages you to explore multidimensional approaches to critically analyse leaders and leadership. Throughout the module, you will be encouraged to explore self-awareness and develop personal skills and leadership philosophy that help to broaden your understanding of other individuals and social groups at work.

How did the postgraduate degree help you in your career?

The Adelaide MBA has shaped my view of the global business environment as well as my view of my present organisational environment. Organisations and people are extremely complex. The programme has equipped me with the necessary frameworks to analyse challenges in the workplace accurately. In the workplace of the future, challenges are never linear. In fact, they are increasingly interwoven with many other underlying issues.

Modules such as Systems Thinking have equipped me with the necessary skills to accurately diagnose such challenges. The Adelaide MBA has also provided me with a much wider knowledge and a better understanding of my company’s strategy and the reasoning behind those strategies.

For more information, please visit the MBA programme page.

This story was also featured in the Headhunt Executive Education Guide – February 2021.

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