Ngee Ann Community

Ngee Ann Community

The Ngee Ann Kongsi is a foundation that is actively involved in educational, cultural and welfare activities in Singapore. Founded in 1845 to look after the religious and welfare needs of Teochew immigrants in Singapore, The Ngee Ann Kongsi has evolved to become a significant contributor towards the enrichment of Singapore society. Its landmark buildings, premier educational institutions and cultural initiatives have touched the lives of many generations of Singaporeans.

Set up by a group of prominent Teochews from the Ngee Ann county in Canton (Guangdong) led by the late Mr Seah Eu Chin, the Kongsi meaning “Company”, initially looked after Teochew immigrants’ religious needs as well as funeral rites. But as the Teochew community grew and flourished, it started focusing on the needs of the young, especially in education. In keeping with the enterprising spirit of the Teochews, the Kongsi has since grown into one of the leading foundations in Singapore, reaching out to the community without regard to race, language, religion or social status.

The returns from its flagship building, the prestigious shopping complex and office tower Ngee Ann City, enable the Kongsi to continue to contribute to society.

Today, The Ngee Ann Kongsi is managed by a Committee of Management elected from amongst its members. It is based in the stately Teochew Building on Tank Road, which also houses the Ngee Ann Cultural Centre and The Ngee Ann Kongsi Heritage Hall.

For more information visit: www.thengeeannkongsi.com.sg/en/


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