Firstly, I’m attracted to KCL because the institution is the only one that offers part-time nursing bachelor’s degree with Honours. Secondly, KCL offers diverse modules such as physical examinations, education, and research, and students can choose among 4 modules that they are interested in. Most classes were conducted online and in the evenings , so that nursing students won’t face issues with their work schedules.

Physical examination module really helped me a lot and I understand what the doctors were assessing during the rounding. The dissertation module helped me understand better on thesis writing. In real life, nurses are expected to take part in QI projects, and with the help of this module, the research component of the QI was smooth.

Great discipline is required. Nobody is there to chase for your assignment in the bachelor’s degree programme. We are treated as adults and you are responsible to follow up with your lecturers and assignments. It is difficult to juggle between work and studies.

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