Pearlyn Tan Ying Ruen

Pearlyn Tan Ying Ruen

Globally, King’s College Nursing degree has consistently been one of the best nursing degrees. Secondly, the duration and flexibility of the class schedule were crucial for me as a full-time nurse working shifts.

This programme’s schedule is well developed and organised, such that it allows me to focus on one module each term and with 4 days of face-to-face classes and the flexibility to study at my own pace.

I feel glad to be in an environment filled with experienced seniors and peers from different walks of life, in terms of nationality and age. I have the privilege of learning from their journeys in the various nursing disciplines and the events that have fuelled their passion for nursing.

I personally find the lecturers in this programme to be exceptionally professional, efficient, and caring.

The modules offered in this programme are highly relevant to the nursing context in Singapore. The block teaching mode is also an ideal choice for busy full-time nurses who work shifts.

The sessions had a diverse mixture of introductions, lectures, Q&A segments, worksheets to assess our comprehension, group discussions, and even simple games. The lecturers would also take the initiative to get to know each student individually, fostering strong connections.

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