In today’s competitive world, the more equipped you are with career-skills and knowledge, the further you will go in your career. In association with our mission to provide high quality education and training to help individuals advance your knowledge and skills, Ngee Ann Academy has brought to you professional development courses and workshops delivered by University of Nottingham.

These workshops are tailored specially for busy working professionals to distinguish themselves and realise their maximum potential.

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This 2-day workshop will improve your understanding and skills in leading learning, managing classrooms and using technology in classroom.

Date: 15 – 16 June 2020*
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location:  Ngee Ann Academy,391A Orchard Road, Ngee Ann City Tower A Level 25, Singapore 238873
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S$550 for one person
S$4,950 for Group of 10
S$8,800 for Group of 20

At the end of the programme, participants will be able to:
1. Apply leading learning principles to your own professional learning communities
2. Critically evaluate and apply pedagogic and andragogic principles to support learning
3. Evaluate existing learning software and make greater use of these to enhance student experience

This programme aims to equip educators with proven effective school leadership and management skills and knowledge. A list of workshops to select from:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Change Management
  • Implementing School Improvement
  • Issues and Challenges in Educational Leadership
  • Leadership and Management
  • Leading Learning
  • Models of Leadership and Management
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • Organisational and Individual Wellbeing
  • Principal Leadership Coaching
  • School Systems
  • Stress Management
  • Technology for Leadership
  • The Successful School Administrator

The programme is designed to equip educators with 21st century teaching and learning skills and knowledge. The list of workshops to select from:

  • Creative teaching for small groups
  • Facilitating teaching and closed unit tutoring
  • Feedback and assessment for student development
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Innovative andragogical and pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning
  • Innovative approaches to teaching and learning
  • Laboratory Technician CPD
  • Student-centric classrooms: a shift in paradigm
  • Student-centered innovative teaching and learning
  • Technology assisted learning

Classroom teaching has shifted from teacher-centred to student-centred in the 21st century. The catalytic effects of Web 2.0 technologies also allow teaching to transcend physical classrooms, by providing tools and possibilities that allow greater student independence, greater collaboration, and increased pedagogic efficiency. This is applicable in the current situation of Covid-19 where teachers are required to have a steep shift in their learning curve and transform face to face classes to online classes. Online education also meets the needs of students where there is a challenge in terms of time zone and student preference. As online education misses the element of face to face interaction, technology can be used as a substitute to engage and support students in future classroom.

This two-part introductory course aims to help teachers improve their pedagogy by rooting it firmly in the ways in which pupils learn. The first session will look at current research on learning, especially insofar as it is relevant to teaching practice. It will also cover innovative pedagogical strategies, based around the creation of classroom materials that aim to foster deep learning in pupils. The second session brings theory and practice together in giving participants the opportunity to develop approaches to planning meaningful lessons that will fully engage 21st century learners.