Becoming a nurse is simply not a job or career choice for me. It is a calling. Obtaining a nursing degree enables me to be more confident in my nursing skills and knowledge to help my patients and most importantly, to be an advocate for their health and well-being. A nursing degree teaches me on soft skills such as leadership, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork, time management and etc. These skills help me to be a nurse that patients can truly rely on to fulfill their healthcare needs, working collaboratively with doctors and other healthcare professionals to provide quality care and treatment for patients. While taking a nursing degree, there will also be opportunities to upgrade and equip myself with the latest evidence-based practice so that I can further improve and achieve better outcomes in my nursing journey.

King’s College London provides an honours degree and it is one of the most prestigious universities with an outstanding reputation for world-class teaching in nursing and cutting-edge research. it’s the part time and flexible hybrid learning model allows me to integrate work and studies together .

I am interested in advanced health assessment skills and clinical decision making. Every nurse knows the basic head-to-toe health assessment. bThis advanced health assessment module helps take my health assessment skills to the next level. It improves my interview skills, enables me to acquire history taking effectively and engage with my patients better and help them make good health decisions. . This topic also enhances my knowledge of four physical examination skills for a holistic health assessment across a range of body systems: inspection, auscultation, palpation and percussion.


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