AI and the Future of Work and Life: The Transformative Power of ChatGPT and More

AI and the Future of Work and Life: The Transformative Power of ChatGPT and More

Programme Details

Format: Full day workshop, face-to-face  

Date: 21 May 2024 (Tue) 

Duration: 9.30am to 5.30pm 

Location: Ngee Ann Academy, 391A Orchard Road, #25-02A, Ngee Ann City Tower A, Singapore 238873 

Certificate of Attendance: Awarded by Ngee Ann Academy  

AI and the Future of Work and Life: The Transformative Power of ChatGPT and More This workshop dives deep into how Artificial Intelligence is shaping our world, focusing on powerful generative AI tools like ChatGPT.

Programme Fees

Programme Fee S$500

All fees are subject to prevailing GST. 

Alumni incentive

NAA is giving all NAA alumni members an exclusive 10% incentive to enrol in this workshop.

Further Information

    Key Topics:

    Discover How AI Impacts:

    • Your Career: Explore AI’s role in workplaces and its potential to transform your field.
    • Your Daily Life: Learn how AI can enhance productivity, manage your home, and even improve wellness.

    Get Hands-On:

    • Learn the basics of AI and generative technologies.
    • Participate in interactive sessions and discussions.
    • Gain practical experience with ChatGPT and other cutting-edge AI tools.


    Leave Empowered to:

    • Understand AI’s influence on your work and life.
    • Identify opportunities to leverage AI for success.
    • Navigate ethical considerations surrounding AI.

    Training Outcomes:

    • A clear understanding of AI’s impact: Gain a solid foundation in AI’s core concepts, historical development, and its influence across industries and professions.
    • Future-proofed skills: Discover how AI is transforming traditional roles, identify emerging job opportunities, and learn the in-demand skills for success.
    • Deepened Understanding: A better comprehension of ChatGPT, its capabilities, and how it fits within the broader AI landscape.
    • Future Insights: Insights into AI’s evolution, understanding the significance of ChatGPT and other generative AI technologies in shaping the future.
    • Enhanced innovation: Discover strategies for utilizing AI to spark creativity, original thought, and improve learning outcomes


    Who should attend:

    • A diverse audience, including educators, students, administrative staff, business professionals, and community stakeholders.


    Trainer’s profile:

    Agnes Goh is a consultant, career counsellor, coach, mentor, presenter, and author, focused on sharing one vision: to make AI accessible and transformative. She guides individuals and businesses to help them navigate and fully utilize the expansive capabilities of AI in their respective fields.

    With over 25 years of experience in administration, event and organizational management, coaching, including roles as an executive assistant, personal assistant, and leadership in the non-profit sector, Agnes’ journey has been diverse and enriching.

    Agnes’ passion for AI has resulted in her writing a few books, with the latest being “AI Made Simple: Mastering ChatGBT with Ease”. In addition, Agnes is also a recipient for the prestigious 2023 Platinum MarCom Award for international creative writing.

    In this ever-changing environment, Agnes sees her role as a facilitator, bridging the gap between humans and AI, fostering a harmonious integration. Whether you’re an individual exploring the potential of AI or a corporation aiming to revolutionize your operations, Agnes is your go-to expert.


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